Ryan Jaten is a father, a husband, and a friend first, then, an entrepreneur, a C-Level Executive, an author, and a speaker on stages all over the world. I, amongst countless others, are in awe of his genuine and unique ability to show vulnerability, that his audience gains an instant connection. His confidence, intellect, worldly experience, wisdom, wittiness, and charm, resonates with people like no one else I’ve ever seen. I, myself, have had the privilege of working with Ryan on several projects and have helped me to grow, persevere, and step outside my own comfort zones, which have proven to be very effective with my own business. I’ve witnessed many who have learned and implemented strategies from his effective training over the years, which have been life-changing. Ryan is very respectful and approachable, which gives him an extraordinary edge. I’ve seen him work with companies to help increase revenue by way of his sales approaches and training processes, with optimal results.