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In Demand is a Story/Training guide that takes a reader through the ups and downs, in and outs of life as a full-time sales professional. Going back to traditional school as a working adult over the age of 30 is a very tough task. Most working adults want to learn a marketable skill in the shortest amount of time.


The J10 Effect is the advantage every sales professional needs in their training kit. Ryan will take you step by step, detail for detail into a lucrative sales career. Along the way you will learn about influential language patterns, developing sales scripts, the emotional milestones of a sales pitch, transfer of personal energy, the psychology of human behavior and more.


For companies looking to increase contact rates, increase show rates and increase conversion rates, Ryan’s corporate sales training programs will take your team to the next level! Ryan has trained 1,000’s of sales professionals around the world. Ryan will impact your team and impact your KPIs after just one meeting.


    From Proof of Concept to Optimization to Scaling, we are your Billion Dollar Partner. We’re the outsourced sales solution for companies that are tired of the headache that comes with hiring (and firing), training, and growing sales teams.

    Our team will decrease your stress and increase your revenue, guaranteed.


    Ryan has moved audiences all over the world with his uncanny ability to connect with everyone in the room, no matter how large or small. As a billion dollar producer Ryan brings real world practical content that drives performance. His message is the ultimate remedy for personal growth, business success, or sales results.