Sales Training Testimonials

Students are going to be SO EXCITED when the new Sales Path becomes available – Ryan’s Masterclass is providing great market research with our existing students base! I truly feel like sales training is going to catapult a lot of our students! …it’s almost like someone really thought that through..


I’m not a professional salesman but after 4 weeks of your training I believe I could sell anything that I believed and I’m aligned with! This is a new feeling of confidence for me so thank you very much!

I just got a call with a student who told me because of last nights training with Ryan she was able to identify something she was doing wrong and had a good understanding of why she was getting told no when she pitched her potential clients. Instead of going right into the pitch she realized she needed to pitch the meeting first, she was thrilled with the breakthrough she had!!! Such a win for the student and Entre!!!

Thanks @Ryan Jaten excited to catch the replay. Last two weeks was epic and I know two days would have been too.

Great work @Ryan J10 we’re seeing epic feedback from your class. As “the other guy” w a class running right now I may or may not envy your good feedback 

Looking forward to the replay. In Europe at the moment and just waking up with all these updates. Can’t wait!!

#Replay Ryan has got to be one of the best teachers I’ve ever listened to! Everything is explained beautifully. Not only does he give us the what, when, and how, but he explains the why. I am so very grateful for this course. This is a place I have been “stuck” and for the first time, I feel like I will be able to do this, and do it well. Thank you, ryan! Missed the first two courses – signed up for Unlimited late, but now on track. Looking forward to the rest of the lessons and am actually excites about the Sales Path!!!! This is so much more than I ever expected. 

Wow!! What a call. I loooveee everything you talk about!! Thank you Ryan for your time!!

Hey everyone, I pretty much just paid for Entre Unlimited, here’s how I did it. I took Ryan’s process to close (from the webinar on Wednesday) used it, and closed a 60 day engagement with a client. Now how great is that? Not sure that I would’ve achieved that close without the very specific conversation opener that Ryan prescribed. Love you Ryan! Thanks!!!

@Ryan Jaten Thank you for the incredible value on this call. Lots taken away. Looking forward to constructing my story. 

That was a great call @Ryan Jaten Thank you!! Definitely going to watch it again when you send the replay

Loe it Ryan! Thanks for the call last night, its been a while since I sat in a zoom for an hr and soaked up that much good stuff! Thank you

Watched @Ryan Jaten call last week twice this weekend! Love how you wake me up sooo much more every call! So grateful!

Hi, Ryan. Thank you for your weekly training. I am not an IO representative and appreciate inclusion in the training sessions. Your stature, acumen, energy and values are uncommon. As I commented in the chat box after the large group Zoom conference on August 13, your authenticity and role in humanizing the Internet with accountable person-to-person connections are very impressive to me and reflect my values. I look forward to next Tuesday’s session.

Hi @Ryan, just finished watching the replay from the 23rd. It’s gold! The last section with Zee really resonated for me! Thank you so much

There are a few things that make training effective. The content, and the person delivering the content. Ryan’s training material was eye opening to all aspects of selling and understanding selling on a deeper level. Ryan’s teaching style connected the dots for me from A to Z on how to win a prospect, understanding buying habits, and psychology of how to close. I now utilize all the practices Ryan taught to effectively run my business at higher level top to bottom. Ryan’s presence and training has increased my confidence in selling that has directly increased my show rate on appointments and helped close more sales effectively by getting to the root of any objection. Overall it’s one of the most effective and knowledgeable training that I have had to date.

Hello from Sunny Coast Queensland Australia. Just want to say I get so much value from your Ai calls every week. Especially Relationship with money this week. You absolutely nailed it when describing the way some men see money as “theirs” I don’t know about USA but here it is prevalent, our men are so old school which I think goes back to the way their parents treated money. My ex was a textbook case but my now husband had absolute trust and faith in me and money. Could listen to you talk for ages

I saw you have viewed my LinkedIn profile today. I really enjoyed your training on Tuesday, it was my first time attending and I have made a permanent home in my calendar for it. The J10 method really amped me up and has me even more interested in IO consortium. I will be a member of your team, I have a great job and have the flexibility to be picky and land a whale of an opportunity with IO Consortium. I learned from Robert Kiyosaki that value of working to learn and I see that is a huge mission of yours. That draws me like a moth to a flame to be part of your team. I look forward to our next chance to discuss opportunity with you.

That call and last week were especially amazing. I was totally triggered. I have some work to do! Thank you

Ryan’s training has helped me set up my posture and have more control of my overall conversation with students. I’ve learned to be in a position of authority, help potential prospects in a way that is helping and serving them with the highest quality and professional standards with any product or service we are working with. Everytime I am on a training call or being with him in person, he’s got such a passion, that you can feel the heart and soul pouring out. It really pumps me up for what I can do myself. Always motivating and inspiring me to achieve bigger and better things for myself and those I work with. Ryan has had an incredibly positive effect on my overall business and how I train others.
Raphael F.

Just finish last weeks replay, love it. Thank you @Ryan Jaten 

Thank you for taking the time to provide informative, and insightful training! I am new to inbound closing and I look forward to your training call every week! (my previous sales experience is in customer service and retail sales) . Your style of communication is very clear and makes it easy to learn from you. You make difficult things seem simple! I am trying to implement what I learn from you in my communication and professional life, and I am becoming a better person and a better sales representative. Looking forward to Learning more from you!