About Ryan Jaten

My Story

Ryan Jaten is a best selling author, thought leader, speaker, and master trainer. He is one of the most respected salesmen in the US today, working with and training 100s of elite salespeople who generate millions of dollars each year for a range of high-profile companies. Ryan is a passionate educator and through his workshop “The J10 Effect”, he has trained thousands of people around the world in the art of selling.

 After leaving the Traditional Higher Education industry in the early 2000’s Ryan started consulting Micro Education Companies on how to grow and expand worldwide. Several years later Ryan co-founded I/O Consortium with his 2 business partners. As a premier Sales Agency that services clients in nearly every time zone around the world the company has grown exponentially over the past 3 years.

 His Best Selling book In-Demand, is a Story/Training guide that takes a reader through the ups and downs, in and outs of life as a full-time sales professional. InDemand is the entry point for someone to learn the lucrative skill of selling products, without selling your soul!

 Ryan is known throughout the direct sales industry for his uncanny ability to create rapport with folks from Wall Street to Main Street, from Compton to Cairo, from CEO to mailroom. His legendary ability to bring the right people together, unify the vision, set the overall training and sales strategy has generated over $1 Billion in revenue over the last 15 years for his clients and his own businesses. When working with Ryan people get to experience a rare balance of black and white, bottom-line business mastery with a heart centered, people over profits mindset.


My favorite part of doing what I do is building successful businesses AND close relationships with clients. Oftentimes the Founders and CEOs of my client companies end up being dear friends. Trust and friendship is earned over time through consistent, reliable results and behavior.  When clients can count on you always being honest, doing what you say and delivering rock solid, profitable business results, you get invited to a lot of weddings and birthday parties. 

Ryan Jaten, Creator of The J10 Effect